The Time Traveller: The Unofficial Sequel to The Time Machine by H.G. Wells

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Going back as far as H. Unofficial sequels to the book, however, tend to focus on them being together.

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Other movies are motivated more by the romance than the scientific or historical purposes of the time-travel conceit. The Terminator also has a character travel to the past to be with a woman he loves via photograph, though the main plot has to do with saving the world. And often that romance influences the plot, if not also initially the premise, of the movie at hand.

The Superman actually concludes with more time travel solely for the extraterrestrial hero to save the woman he loves. While physical difference can cause romantic rifts for superheroes, it can lead to romantic curiosities for aliens and those they visit. It certainly helps if the space travelers are humanoid, of course. Romance in dystopia movies are, even more than the time-travel subgenre, compelling because they tend to be difficult — usually forbidden.

There is a major distinction in the dystopia of THX outlawing sex and that of Equilibrium disallowing emotion, yet both lead to fundamentally the same kind of love story. But as we see in Ex Machina , the true test of artificial intelligence may not be whether they can pass intellectually as human but also emotionally and romantically. Outside of all the subgenres and common sci-fi tropes, the best romantic sci-fi movies are those that use the sci-fi genre to explore and deconstruct love and romance.

Bookclub: The discussion of The Time Machine (contains spoilers)

Wells can be credited with inventing the very concept of a Time Machine, and certainly was the first to call such a machine a Time Machine. Consequently, as the first book in the Time Travel sub-genre, The Time Machine may feel like a cliche to modern readers.

Still, the fact this is a short story, and basically no one has heard of it, Wells still deserves the title].

Judged on its own, the book is good but not great. However, put in context, namely, the period in which it was written, The Time Machine can and should be considered a classic. Considering the short length of the novel, I think every Time Travel lover should feel obligated to read it.

The Time Machine by H. G. Wells, Complete unabridged audiobook

Link to the book on Amazon. When visiting a museum in Paris, physicist Jasper Hudnut is astounded to discover a time machine just lying in the corner strangely reminiscent of H. After realizing he is too old to go on temporal adventures, Jasper offers the machine to Gabriel Prince, an author of travel guides.

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There are, however, strings attached to this offer: Gabriel is to go back in time and find a way — any way he could think of — to prevent Ronald Reagan from becoming president of the United States. After this is accomplished, Gabriel is free to do with the machine as he pleases. Gabriel, obviously the protagonist in this story, decides to accept this proposition, and travels to Managing to assimilate almost perfectly into the society of the time, Gabriel befriends Ronald Reagen and tries to steer him in a way that will accomplish his mission. But things are not as easy as he expected.

But this backfires, and he accidentally causes Reagan to drown while swimming. Refusing to accept this, Gabriel travels through time once again and attempts a different course of action.

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But trouble seems to follow him, thus, Gabriel finds himself making multiple additional trips in time. All just to prevent Ronald Reagan from ever becoming president. Clearly this book had a very unusual premise, which is why I was very eager to read it when I had first heard of it. Not to mention the fact it makes it a fascinating read. I also greatly enjoyed the portrayal of Hollywood and the various historical characters that appeared in the novel.

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Although Joshua Dann attempts to do something similar in his Timeshare novels, Time On My Hands is vastly superior not to mention far more interesting. As for the time travel aspects, these were excellent. The protagonist repeatedly attempted to achieve different ends using time travel.