The Life of Saint Anthony

The Life of St. Anthony of Padua
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The vices of his time: avarice, luxury and tyranny vanished before the persuasive power of his preaching crusade. Miracle after miracle attested the divine character of his mission that called forth the approval of Pope, Prelate, priest, prince and peasant. He is especially invoked for finding lost things, and through his intercession countless favors have been granted. Toward the end of his short life Anthony chose Padua as his home. His name would forever be linked with that beautiful city. The simple yet remarkable life of Saint Anthony came to a close on the outskirts of the City of Padua on June 13, As the saint lay dying he was favored by a vision of Our Lord. His tomb was opened some thirty years later and though his body had turned to dust, his tongue, the symbol of his sacred eloquence, was miraculously preserved.

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He was the second of many canonized Saints of the Franciscan Order, and perhaps the most popular of all the Saints in Christendom. During his brief life span he ascended to the greatest heights of holiness and won the entire world to his heart. There are few Catholic Churches without an image of the Saint, and people continue to honor him through festivals, novenas, fasting and prayer. Thou art a chosen vessel of divine grace.

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Jesus is with thee. Anthony of Padua because we have so few details about large portions of his life, especially about his youth. They wanted him to be successful according to the standards of the world.

After his ordination, Ferdinand was placed in charge of hospitality in his abbey. It was in this responsibility that he first came into contact with the Franciscans. During the chapter, St. Anthony asked to be assigned to live in a place of solitude and penance.

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One day, St. Anthony was attending an ordination of Franciscan and Dominican priests at Forli. Possibly, at this time, St. Anthony himself was ordained as a priest. When the time came for the sermon, they discovered that no one had been appointed to preach. The Dominicans declined because no one was prepared. The Franciscans then offered St.

The Life of St. Anthony

Anthony, who they thought could read only the Missal and the Breviary. They told him to preach whatever the Holy Spirit put into his mouth. This he did. He astonished everyone not only with his zeal and eloquence, but also with his profound theological knowledge.

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I must warn sinners and make them see the precipice which leads to the unquenchable fires of hell, for they will surely go there if they do not amend their ways. If there is someone who is only an onlooker he ought to keep silent. The life of Blessed Anthony was interwoven with persecutions, intrigues, and threats. Chatenauneuf, attracted by the brilliant light that filled his house, was drawn to witness the vision but promised to tell no one of it until after St. Francis to instruct his brother Franciscans. Vatican, Roman Curia.

This event launched St. The provincial assigned St. Anthony to preach through the Lombardy region, and he had great success in converting many heretics and renewing the faith of many people. Francis himself soon heard of St.

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It is my pleasure that you teach theology to the brethren, provided, however, that as the Rule prescribes, the spirit of prayer and devotion may not be extinguished. Anthony taught at Bologna, Montpellier, and Toulouse. In , he moved to Padua, a monastery he helped establish and where he would spend his remaining life. Besides preaching, he organized relief for the poor, the abolition of debtors prisons, and the release of prisoners captured in the wars between city-states. Nevertheless, St. Anthony was most known for his eloquent and compelling preaching.

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Anthony exhorted the faithful to conversion, laity and clergy alike. He preached against the vices of luxury, avarice, and tyranny.

Chronicles of the Desert Ep.1: "Anthony in the Tombs"

He also converted many heretics to the faith with his solid, persuasive, and compassionate arguments. By the end of his life, 30, people would gather in Padua to listen to him; moreover, so many were moved to repentance that more priests had to be found to hear confessions.