The Essence and Value of Democracy

The Essence and Value of Democracy
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Weimar: The Essence and Value of Democracy

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Views Read View source View history. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikinews Wikipedia. This page was last edited on 7 November , at But this tolerance is problematic:. These values do not require special state protection for example, various sexual practices. The concept of privacy has created a sphere, in which it is possible to realise the "negative liberties" proponed by liberalism.

Globalization, Governance and Identity

The sphere, in which a human being can really become an individual a self-sufficient being. This privacy is a sphere exclusively characteristic to Western society.

The self-insufficiency of the individual in the public sphere, the incapability to exist in natural conditions irrespectively from interpretations of these conditions in different traditions creates the necessity for the State. The constitutionalism of liberals in its turn is the institutional framework of the State, which is created to secure the values postulated by liberals.

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It is only of instrumental character and has no value on its own. It is known that the world's resources are restricted, what could not be said about the needs of human beings. Since the UN Environment conference in in Rio de Janeiro it is no secret to anyone that in order to provide the contemporary living standards of the richest countries for all inhabitants of the planet it would require the resources of at least three earth planets.

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The global climate changes, environmental pollution and the diminution of the ozone layer in the nineties have attained a notable place in the agenda of international politics. The dangers created by these factors have increased at such rate that it has obtained the character of a universal threat. There are three possible ways to combat these dangers:. All these ways will require an unprecedented concentration of resources. Such a potential mobilisation of resources inevitably means that:.

The unequal redistribution of resources will facilitate the cyclisation of revisionistic international politics in countries which are most lacking resources, what in its turn will evoke much more conflicts than in the period of the Cold war. The concentration of resources and their usage to avert the untraditional threat in its turn will unavoidably require:. But who of the actors operating in the international system will undertake this mobilising role?

Most likely - these will be the industrially well-developed superpowers.

Since the transformation of the EU from an interstate organisation into a united State has finally started, the coming EU will be one of these superpowers. There is no doubt that a superpower undertaking this mobilising role:. The prospective corrections, most believably, must favour intellectual reflection about the political regime of the Western world and its future.

Most regretably, the dominant polit-correct discourse restricts this reflection by its defined thematical scope as well as by its offered concepts and terminology. III Short description of the new political regime. In the EU there are already questioned at least three of the institutional basic principles of liberal democracy:.

While the EU is existing as an interstate organisation its institutional system is fragile and of temporal character. It is condemned to head towards the creation of a federal European State endued with the attribute of a sovereignty or otherwise - to disintegrate, while forcing Europe into the chaos created by contrasting nationalistic forces. The necessity to harmonise the opinions of 15 independent states, on the one hand creates difficulties in decision-making, on the other it makes the implementation of these decisions doubtful.

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Surprisingly, however, his political writings are not nearly as widely known as his legal theory, especially in the English-speaking world. This book fills the void between what is and isn't known about Hans Kelsen's political philosophy, and the ways that philosophy has and will continue to shape political debates inherent to democracy in the future. For the first time in English, this classic book - with an introduction by political theorist Nadia Urbinati - provides an overview of Kelsen's career and his contributions to 20th century political thought.

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Hans Kelsen is widely recognized as one of the most important legal theorists of the 20th century. Surprisingly, however, his political writings are not nearly as widely known as his legal theory, especially in the English-speaking world. Hans Kelsen (Author), Nadia Urbinati (Editor), Carlo Invernizzi Accetti (Editor), Brian Graf (Translator) & 1 more.​ Nadia Urbinati is a political theorist who specializes in modern and contemporary political thought and the democratic and anti-democratic traditions.