The Dukes Mistress (Noble Desire)

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Catherine runs to him, slaps his face and walks proudly out of the room. Catherine has returned to her uncle's house at Dijon.

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Duke Philippe is sending her expensive presents. Soon she is called to her uncle who informs her that Garin de Brazey has asked for her hand in marriage. She refuses, still secretly thinking of that fiercely tender man who so quickly ravished her heart. Her uncle and mother tell her that refusal to marry Garin de Brazey will mean ruin and prison for all of them. Catherine pretends to submit, but then she remembers Barnaby, Landry's friend from Paris and she sneaks out at night to pay him a visit. We learn that Barnaby had once told her to contact him, if she was ever in need, at the tavern of Jacquot-de-la-Mer where he works as a beggar.

Catherine explains her desperate situation, but Barnaby already knows what is going on. She tells him about meeting Arnaud de Montsalvy, falling in love with him and wanting to keep herself pure for him. Barnaby asks her what she expects him to do Catherine's mind is made up - she does not want to belong to a stranger. Barnaby promises to see what can be done. At her return, Catherine learns that she must go and live with the Dame de Champdivers. She will be educated in manners and courtly ways so she can take her place at court life.

Catherine lives now at the house of Marie de Champdivers.

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The old lady herself is very kind and knows enough of court life to understand that her guest is to be groomed as worthy mistress of Philippe le Bon. Catherine admits that she knows what is going on - and that she will refuse to be the Duke's mistress! Garin de Brazey visits his bride-to-be. He notices that Catherine is distressed. Catherine feels regret for what is planned, but her love for Arnaud de Montsalvy is stronger than her conscience.

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After her father's fief payment comes due, Katherine agrees to go live with the Duke Robert Brevere in exchange for renewal of the fief. The duke's motives are . Read "The Duke's Mistress (Noble Desire)" by Chelsea Mist available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first purchase. After her father's fief.

At dawn she learns that the plan went array - Garin is only slightly wounded and Barnaby has been arrested. When Catherine hears that Barnaby is to be executed, she rushes to Garin and tells him it was her fault that he was almost killed. She begs him to save her old friend Barnaby. Garin de Brazey promises to arrange a pardon for Barnaby, but it is too late Barnaby dies under the torture. Catherine reproaches herself bitterly Catherine's mother, sister and uncle are not invited to the wedding, so that the guests will not remember her inferior birth. The wedding banquet is a sad occasion-Garin de Brazey shows no interest in his new bride.

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Catherine knows that the true love God created for her was Arnaud de Montsalvy, and is distressed to think what will happen after the feast. Trembling, she awaits her husband in the great bed - but Garin de Brazey only comes to look at his bride, then wishes her good-night. The next day, Garin is called away on duty by the Duke of Burgundy. We find Catherine surprised that she is now a rich and great lady.

Behind the Duke’s Door

Her sister decides to enter a convent to become a nun. While visiting her uncle and mother at Marsannay, Abou-al-Khayr, the Arab doctor, comes to visit and Catherine invites him to her Palace in Dijon. He seems sad that she is now a married woman, believing to have read in her eyes a great love for Arnaud.

She explains and is desperate to know about her secret love.

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Garin returns and brings Catherine to a secret chamber, showing his wife all his riches. To her surprise, she sees that Landry Pigasse has become cavalry officer in Duke Philippe's household.

The older lady instantly likes Catherine de Brazey. Catherine had been overjoyed to find her old friend Landry Pigasse - but Landry seemed not to recognize his friend from childhood. The Dowager Duchess had taken a great liking to her new Lady-in-Waiting and places Catherine in charge of her wardrobe. The next day she is to be officially presented to Philippe of Burgundy during the ball. Catherine wears a simple black velvet dress, with a black diamond placed on her brow.

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He also had no concerns about the status of his mistresses often obtaining them from the theater. He certainly has no time, or sympathy, when the young and beautiful Miss Darcy Ambridge, is found hiding in his carriage, as he makes the long journey from London back to his home in Scotland. And Rachel has been very foolish indeed. Holly Bush. But as she reached the bottom of the stairs and caught sight of the man, she skidded to a halt. There have been many gay Kings in British history. This 40, word novella is the first title in the Noble Desire series.

Stealing Magic Susan Sizemore. She's in a class by herself. Eirik, heir to the Ulfhednars kingdom, was seduced and kidnapped by a bounty-hunti The Duke's Mistress Noble Desire.

And as he hung in chains, his magnificent body wracked Her firebrand--hair blazed as glorious as a sunrise. Tradition holds that his long-time chamberlain Sforza Almeni of Perugia shared the Duke's desires with Francesco I , the legitimate heir who was increasingly the dominant force in the government. Francesco, likely worried about the entry of potential heirs and a mother-in-law, scolded his father about those plans.

Thereupon, seized by rage because his secret desires had been revealed, on May 22, , the Granduke is said to personally stabbed his chamberlain to death. The love affair between Cosimo and Eleonora quickly cooled, and by she was forced to marry the dishonored nobleman Carlo Panciatichi. Cosimo meanwhile latched on to an affair with another young woman, Camilla Martelli. Panchiato had faced execution for rebellion, and was herewith pardoned and granted a reward of 10 thousand scudi to take Eleonora.

It is unclear what role his legitimate children played in arranging to remove Albizzi from the Grand Duke's orbit.

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Eleonora had three children with Carlo, including Bartolomeo born