The Big Book of Gross Stuff

New in the Northwest: 'The Big Book of Gross Stuff' by Bart King
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Our rating: A. Bart King embraces this fascination and presents a meticulous scale by which readers can classify their tolerance for grossness. Sniff your armpits and pick your nose. Booger basics, anyone? Fascinating fun! | Bart King

He teaches kids and immature adults about science and the human body, but King takes it to a whole new level—a new and disgusting level. For those not afraid to brave the unmentionable [this engaging book] will… get tweens laughing while burying their noses deep into the pages. Bart King, the veteran of many water balloon wars, taught middle school for many years. Visit his website at www. I began work on this project by consulting writers from ages past.

Although this sounds simplistic and rambunctious, my mind kept returning to that phrase: Fun, feeding, and fighting. To his list, I would add a few more elements, like sports, noise, and a fascination with bodily functions. If you give a boy a doll oops, I mean action figure!

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From boogers, B.O., and belches to sneezes, diseases, and demon cheeses, The Big Book of Gross Stuff is chock-full of practical knowledge including a Gross Quiz (kids can see how they stack up against the rest of society) and the World's Most. The Big Book of Gross Stuff [Bart King] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. From boogers, B.O., and belches to sneezes, diseases, and.

So my hope is that the specters of social nicety and fear of litigation have been held at bay just long enough to infuse these pages with the spirit of true boyish fun. I hope the result is a book in which a boy may turn to any page and find something to do, laugh at, or think about. Maybe someone gave you this book as a gift.


Belly button lint is composed of dust, dried sweat, fat, dead skin, and bits of cotton. Then she takes the axe! Have secret conversations! This title won widespread acclaim; if you are skeptical and you should be! You need: tempera paints dry or wet small bowls lotion cotton swabs or paintbrushes If your tempera paints are wet, just put the different colors into different bowls. After all, no one ever gives it a proper "Thank-you"! Put the playing card over the glass.

Maybe you think this book stinks. The best kind of fun is the fun you make on your own. Or the time that you tied a garbage bag around yourself and slid down the snow-covered hill?

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And remember how you made your own jet plane and flew to Timbuktu? Before reading on, you must promise to use the following outstanding activities for good, not evil. Do you promise? Are your fingers crossed? Are your eyes crossed? Okay, then take a look below! I have listed the activities from the easiest to the most challenging. The Most Dangerous Dance in the World! Then she takes the axe!

This is probably the stupidest activity of all time. Because of this, it always cracks me up. Try to say the alphabet without moving your lips or your tongue at all. No cheating! Whenever I do this, every letter sounds exactly the same; try it for yourself. Hey, I said I would start with the easy stuff. If you find this activity too challenging, you may want to put this book down and go eat a Popsicle.

If you are tough enough to brave the sight of lint, small toys, dirt, and crumbs, you might make enough money to buy a candy bar by playing this game.

Protective eyewear is optional. Drag a garbage can over to the sofa. Now lift up one of the sofa cushions.

The Big Book of Gross Stuff

You never know what kind of filthy varmint might be hiding down there! There could be cockroaches, or even that annoying kid from down the block. Anyway, keep pulling up the cushions. As you find disgusting pieces of rancid and dried-out food, throw them out. If that annoying neighbor kid is down there, send him home pronto!

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And finally, the treasure: nickels, dimes, quarters, maybe even dollars! Finally, ask him to draw a 6 in the air with his right hand while he keeps rotating his foot clockwise. Now watch—as soon as he draws the 6, his foot will reverse direction! Act surprised, then say, I must just be naturally coordinated! But as you draw the 6 in the air, draw it from the bottom up. This lets you do the trick without your foot changing direction. It also will show your friend how superior you are! If you and a friend are just sitting around killing time AND if you both have long sleeves on, try this.

Then start twisting your body at the hip sort of like playing with a hula hoop so that your arm sleeves swing out and around. Once you and your friend get your arms swinging, it will look like the craziest fake fight of all time! Codes are not only practical, but they sound cool too. One-Adam, did someone pee on your license plate? Instead, the officer might say, "Run a check on Delta Bravo Papa. Here is the cop talk alphabet:. Use these words to spell things out "Please be advised that I would like some Golf-Uniform-Mike now as well as for general silliness.

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Dad, take cover! We have a Zulu alert! Repeat, a Zulu alert! Detecting fingerprints is one of the most important police tools there is. Get a small box with a lid a shoebox works great. Pour a small puddle of Krazy Glue on a piece of foil or waxed paper or anything.

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Put that at one end of the box. Put the item you want to check for fingerprints at the other end of the box. This method will work best on hard, smooth items: anything glass, metal, or hard plastic will work, like a mirror or a knife blade. Make sure the lid is on tight. Leave the box in the sun for four to five hours.

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Come back and check for prints! The molecules from the glue will get stuck to the greasy fingerprints! The setup for this activity only takes a moment. You just need to make a foil-ring platform to hold up the egg.

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Cut or tear a rectangular piece of foil and make a ring with it that will support the egg with its fat end down. Now fill the glass about two-thirds of the way with water. Put the playing card over the glass. Finally, set the foil ring and egg in the center of the card. Practice a few good kung fu yells and moves! Scream, chop, and kick! Finally, approach the egg. With a show of great concentration, reach out your hand and quickly and sharply flick the card hard, so that it shoots off the glass.