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Is this you? Become a LibraryThing Author. Not to be confused with the much later neo-progressive band Baba Jaga, this obscure mid's duo were quite aptly named after the fabled fictional magician, being multi-instrumentalists of great invention. In Baba Yaga, the mixture of ethnic instruments, percussives and multi-keyboards, makes for a music that steps beyond early Between or Deuter, steering clear of any pretty or melodic noodling, moving to darker more abstract realms like the most mysterious Third Ear Band. This one album seems to be the only document of Baba Yaga, and nothing historical is known.

An excellent unknown obscurity. Nemat Darman santur, sitar, tablas, congas, cymbals, gongs, kettledrums, drums, vibes , Ingo Werner synthesizers, string ensemble, clavinet, pianos. Meier Pumpe. The LP cover never gave any musician details. A new discovery, not in the original book, and an excellent cross-culture fusion from an unknown Krautrock underground talent. Herbert F. Along similar lines to the Alan Parsons Project, as a late's dilution of progressive musics in a conceptual opus, Carsten Bohn's Bandstand were ill-fated and certainly not what one would expect from a former Frumpy, Dennis and Kickbit Information musician, with such a luminary cast of helpers.

Of curiosity and historic interest only and be warned, the album's steadily get worse as they go along , Bandstand were the crap total commercialisation of Krautrock.

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Peter Baumann, like many synth soloists, had a chequered start to his career as a musician, being in many Berlin bands during his youth, including Burning Touch, The Ants and various other unknowns. But, as a member of the most famous and successful Tangerine Dream incarnation from to Peter had a sure footing for a solo career. Upon leaving Tangerine Dream, subsequent Peter Baumann solo albums saw him move on to the realms of Kraftwerkian electro-pop.


Editorial Reviews. Review. "A study of schizophrenia whose style anticipates Bernhard and Beckett." —Guardian. "A harbinger of European modernism." —​New. lefttiforreli.ml: Lenz (English and German Edition) (): George Buchner, Johann Friedrich Oberlin, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Richard.

A strange move. With a music based on the Tangerine Dream sequencer style, and often comparable to Michael Bundt's early solo material, it made for a pleasant if simple melodic synth album, and was amongst the first independent Teutonic synth releases to get noticed internationally. These were an obscure heavy blues-rock band, but with little individual identity, nor any real Krautrock touches, being much more English styled.

Their privately issued album is sought after in collectors circles due to its scarcity, more than for its musical content. The origins of the DDR band Bayon go back to and a collection of like-minded students at universities in Weimar who got together to form an amateur band. By the group had stabilised as two Germans, a Kampuchean and a Cuban, and of course the music from such a cross-culture foursome was unique. Blending folk musics with rock and jazz, it made for a wide range of styles, from psychedelic rock onto pure ethnic music.

Some of their earlier weirder psychedelic type concoctions, as heard on the HALLO series, hint at the Third Ear Band, but are quite original in the use of Oriental touches, blues, psychedelia and 60's pop elements. Their debut LP plunged deeper into oriental musics resulting in what sounded like a Chinese band attempting European fusion, whereas SUITE, probably their most refined and esoteric album, blended in more classical and European folk styles, drawing comparisons to Between and Continuum.

But, it must be said that, of all DDR bands Bayon were certainly the most original and intriguing. It's a great shame that they weren't given more freedom in their early days. Their contributions had lengthy instrumental sections and classical touches, showing promise that they could have become a major league band. Who exactly they were, we've no idea! Although Dutch born, Jerry Berkers was very much a part of the Krautrock scene. Jerry also recorded an album of his unique folky, psychedelic spiced rock as hinted at in softer Wallenstein songs showing much influence from acoustic Pink Floyd, in fact British and German folk-song in general.

But, be warned, Jerry's deeply intoned Dutch accented German vocals can be a little hard to take at times! After this, Jerry disappeared into obscurity. Rumour has it, that when on an LSD trip he announced to his friends that he was walking back to the land of flowers: Holland not really that far from Monchengladbach , and he was never seen again. Whether this is true, or just a fanciful tale, we may never know! Unlike most DDR progressives who served a long apprenticeship before making an album, Berluc were virtually catapulted onto the scene in early , only a few of months after their formation.

Unfortunately, further albums with a different guitarist and bassist each time paled each in succession to a rather ordinary indistinguishable song-based 80's DDR rock mediocrity. A most unusual and unique group, the Munich combo Between formed in as Between The Chairs were the brainchild of musical theorist and experimentalist Peter Michael Hamel. As such, Between drew together a wide range of international musicians into a musical and cultural melting pot.

Lenz Grossdruck German - 9781484039717

Between were aptly in between everything, both musically and culturally. Featuring avant-garde tendencies within a music that blended the medieval, the ancient and the futuristic, with jazz and rock musics, the initial results on their debut EINSTEIG were most inspiring. Arguably a step on from The Third Ear Band sans the mantric rhythms Between were invention in the extreme, in a music that was melodic yet challenging.

There are some extraordinary cosmic excursions here too, all amounting to a revolutionary mixture of psychedelic and world musics. It's almost chilling! Both of these combined Indian and African musics into a larger more symphonic sound, notably so the lengthy excursions that encompassed the second side of each.

It's a great shame that Between split after this. Its message is lost to non-German ears, and musically only some of it is real Between. Approach with caution! Formed in as a Cologne student rock-band, Birth Control chose their name as a stab at Pope Paul's anti birth control policy. In their early days, dogged by military service commitments, and ideological differences, the line-up was in flux for many years.

In fact, only two original members remained by the time of their first album, at which time they had moved base to Berlin for a while. Their debut was released with a special mock birth control pill case type cover, and introduced them as an original hard-rock band with a classical edge, extensively featuring the keyboards of Reinhold Sobotta.

Highly progressive with a psychedelic edge and with an original sound, they also paid homage to one of their influences with a highly creative version of The Doors' "Light My Fire". Comparable to many British bands of the era, Birth Control were accessible and creative, yet rarely on their studio albums did they ever show how talented they really were.

This was Birth Control the underground pop band, with a hard-rock based style. Birth Control were the straightest of rock bands on the Ohr label! Held as a major new asset. All change in , adding two ex-Message members, and subsequent albums moved to a funky pop-rock, becoming less interesting with each release.

A minor highlight was the LIVE '79 album, which recaptured some early magic. Since this, Birth Control have reformed many times without any real success. Amongst the earliest of Krautrock bands, The Blackbirds like Xhol started elsewhere before venturing on to experimental realms. In fact, they were originally a 60's pop band typical of the soul-beat era, but with a touch of the Mothers Of Invention type satire and some progressive touches. Curiously it only ever gained a UK release.

In fact, only one member Werner Breinig remained from the original line-up, and they had moved on to a classical spiced rock music of great invention, blending heavy and spacey styles with great finesse. Strong songs form the basis of most tracks, all of which are sufficiently long enough to give plenty of room for solos from flute, violin, guitar and keyboards.

It's a shame they never made a third album! One of many obscure bands on the little-known independent label Brutkasten, Black Spirit were of Italo-German origins, and may actually have been Swiss.

Opinion of the Advocate-General

Their style was a basic heavy progressive, with some Cream, Man, Quicksilver influences, and some saving moments, but were largely uninspired, and of only marginal interest. Amongst the most obscure of Berlin bands, Blackwater Park's sole album was nothing remarkable, being mainstream Anglo-American styled heavy rock with blues touches, with no real individuality or experimentation.

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They were very basic Edgar Broughton Band type stuff really, nothing more. This said, the album only has one track of any real merit for Krautrock fans, which reflects Andreas Scholz's origins in Murphy Blend.

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With them he served a long apprenticeship, and made friends with many international musicians, achieving fame as one of the most dazzling fusion guitarists in Europe. His work as a soloist, as group leader, and with his own experimental band Electric Circus, has indeed been most varied.

Since then, Toto's ventured onto creating all sorts of fusions, from simple classical and jazz musics through to groundbreaking avant-garde, both as a multi-instrumental soloist and in collaboration with other musicians. Sometimes Toto embraces technology and pushes it to the limits, and at other times he ignores it altogether. Such is his schizophrenic personality as a musician.

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With bonuses and other supplements, Mr Bosman's average monthly earnings amounted to about BFR It suffices that the possibility exists of freedom of movement being restricted by that difference in treatment. Gasthaus Kater Alex. For a player who can move freely to another French club, a transfer fee is consequently payable if that same player moves abroad. It is clear, however, that a large number of the judgments mentioned point beyond the traditional view that Article 48 consists only of a prohibition of discrimination on grounds of nationality. Lenz offers only silent i. Since the orders for reference contained no such details, the Court declined to answer the questions referred.

Later releases however not listed here saw the rest of the band scarper, leaving Blonker as the vehicle for guitarist Dieter Geike with the aid of various session musicians Peter Franken, Dieter Horns, Jochen Petersen, etc.