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They were pre-eminently designed to maintain and promote the people's fellowship with God. Parashat Achrei Mot-Kedoshim. But not only are the saints earthly and heavenly to be gathered in prior to the Millennium, but the nations are to be judged also. It is symbolic. We do not associate in our mind, Peace and War at the same time and by the same agency, but in Romans we read:. But the Incarnation is not the final or only episode.

If the barley wasn't ready, there was nothing to wave at this festival, called a first-fruits festival. On the other hand, if the barley was over-ripe then the crops would be lost because harvesting could not commence until the first-fruits had been waved in the temple. So it was essential that the Jewish lunar calendar kept in step with the solar year" Cambridge University Press, U.

For example, Anatolius, Bishop of Laodicea in Syria, wrote as follows in Canons of the Passover in about AD 'This [ the rule of the equinox ] is not our own reckoning, but it was known to the Jews long ago even before Christ and it was carefully observed by them.

(5-1) Introduction

One can learn it from what is said by Philo, Josephus and Musaeus If, towards the end of a Jewish year, it was estimated that Passover would fall before the equinox then the addition of an extra month before Nisan was decreed" ibid. Notice The article "Astronomy" in volume 3, column , has the following subheading:. As stated, the four seasons in the Jewish year are called 'tekufot. Human traditions that claim it "may" refer to a certain number of days before, specifically, the Tekufah of Tishri have the obvious ulterior motive of wanting to justify an existing wrong practice of sometimes starting Tabernacles before the Tekufah of Tishri.

The word is used only four times in the Old Testament, including Psalm where it is used in reference to the sun. The Talmud backs up this understanding. Notice Mas. Rosh HaShana 8a Hisda explains the Mishna here in the same way as R. Zera, since R. Zera said [that it means], for reckoning cycles 15 , in this following the view of R.

YAH’S/ELOHIM’S (GOD’S) Calendar…

Eleazar, who said that the world was created in Tishri. The term Tekufah is also applied to the season itself. Also note that the seasons, as correctly delineated in Footnote 9 above, are NOT of equal length This is an amazing admission in light of the fact that the seasons -- especially those determined by the equinox -- are of critical importance in the regulation of the true calendar. The result was that months could then be structured on an inaccurate and schematic formula.

The Equinoxes in Jerusalem. The same is true for the Autumnal Equinox in September. Following is a table showing the Vernal and Autumnal Equinoxes in Jerusalem for the years from to The Jewish historian Josephus relates that the Passover always fell "in Aries" the Ram Constellation appeared at pm on the western horizon on Nisan 14 Antiquities , This, of course, would be in keeping with Genesis where YEHOVAH God said, "Let there be lights in the firmament [expanse] of the heaven to divide the day from the night, and let them be for signs [of the zodiac], and for seasons [literally "feasts" from the Hebrew moedim ], and for days [holy days], and years" N.

What this verse tells us is that the sun and moon and stars were made visible so the festivals could be determined. Jeremiah specifically tells us that these lights are the sun, moon and stars -- see also Psalm In other words, the SUN provides provides a sunset every day and the moon provides a crescent while the stars determine the Spring equinox and the start of the year. The Israelites had other methods of determining the equinoxes available to them.

By watching the shadow of such a pole, the ancients could watch the sun make its circuit tekufah during the year. Another method is to cut tick-marks on a sunset-sighting device such as a long wooden board lying 90 degrees across the line of sight from viewer to sunset. What About the "Precession of the Equinox"? There is, however, another factor that is rarely considered. Explains Paul W. Puckett Continues Puckett:. Josephus, the noted historian tells us that the sun was in Aries at the time of the Passover in biblical times.

So we know from history and scripture that at the time of the exodus, the sun and the visible crescent moon were in Aries It was still in the same relationship at the time of Christ" ibid.

So, with this in mind, Puckett goes on to say The equinox used to arrive in Aries around Mar. Today it doesn't arrive in Aries until April 18th. It's a shifting process called "precession of the equinox. Most of the focus in determining YEHOVAH's calendar has been on the sun and the moon -- with Genesis quoted as the authority for such a viewpoint. Notice again verse " It was like we were leaving out a third of the equation or formula. When Paul Puckett started looking closely at this new realization, he came to the conclusion that there had to be something else that Moses would have seen at the time of the Exodus in ADDITION to the visible crescent moon.

And sure enough -- there was! Relates Paul Puckett It didn't take long to discover what I was fairly certain Moses saw. But I had to test the theory.

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So I began looking at the same time every year, by looking first for the new moon, then the visible crescent AFTER the equinox. I used the new moon after the equinox as I believe the sun, as well as the moon, has to be fully out of winter in order to begin the New Year By the time I advanced the sun and the moon into Aries in the astronomy program, there it was; what I had been looking for. Now I needed to test the theory a little more and every time it has held up.

At a point around the time of the first visible crescent AFTER the equinox, the moon arrived in the vicinity of the Pleiades " ibid. Excited by this discovery, Puckett exclaims that "it was the kind of evidence I was looking for. And so far, it appears that the same thing happens every year, in the first month of spring.

So far, I've checked the last 10 years for starters and the Pleiades and the new crescent moon keep company usually around the end of March and into mid-April" ibid. According to the Encyclopedia Britannica ,. The brightest star is Alcyone 3rd magnitude and Pleione and Atlas are also of the 3rd magnitude. This group is physically connected, being distinguished from the background stars by community of proper motion.

Photographs show a faint nebulosity filling the whole region, and there is little doubt that this is rarefied matter made luminous by stimulation of the radiation of the hot stars comprised in it.

Verifying that the Kingship malediction period is 2520 years from Leviticus 26

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The distance of the Pleiades is estimated at parsecs light-years , but is not very certainly known. Alcyone and the other bright stars are of the hottest type of spectrum Type B , and give out several hundred times as much light as the sun" Volume 18, p. The Pleiades and the Seventh Month. In ancient times the Pleiades signaled the time of planting in the Spring and the time of harvesting in the Fall. Therefore, it makes complete sense that it would be visible -- along with the crescent moon -- in the Spring to signal the beginning of the planting season. Not only that, but it is also visible in the 7th month of the biblical year at harvest time when there is a "harvest moon.

In mythology the Pleiades were known as the seven daughters of Atlas and Pleione -- and sisters of the Hyades. Owing to their grief at the death of their sisters, or at the sufferings of their father, they were changed into stars. All the Pleiades became the ancestresses of divine or heroic families.

Notes and Commentary on 1 Kings 17–2 Kings 2

The spring rising and early winter setting of the Pleiades are important dates to the farmer. Inca farmers watched Pleiades to assess future crops. Early Greek seamen knew them as the 'sailing stars' and would only sail when the stars were visible at night. Locating the Pleiades in the sky depends on the time of year.

At twilight time, around the first of November, it can be found rising in the east; then, in early February, it can be found directly overhead at the same time of day. By early May the Pleiades will be setting at twilight -- ahead of Orion.

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During May and early June the Pleiades is so close to the sun that it cannot be observed in the sky, but it then reappears and remains as a morning "star" until November. Between November and May the Pleiades can be found along the ecliptic. In using the third part " And where should the New Moons be observed?

In Jerusalem! This is the only place the new moons are to be determined -- not locally in whatever part of the world you live. They feel that all that is needed is the visual sighting of the New Moon crescent in whatever part of the world they live in. For instance, if you live in Paris, France then you just need to know the New Moon times in terms of local Paris time.

If you live in Bombay, India then you just need to know the New Moon times in terms of local Bombay times. Everything revolves around you and your specific location on earth. Sometimes you are in harmony with people to the east of you and differ by one day with people to the west of you. At other times you are in harmony with people to the west of you and you differ by one day with people to the east of you.

The Feasts of Jehovah

But you will always be in the center. This problem will arise every single year.

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In terms of time, each one degree of longitude is equivalent to 4 minutes. One hour is made up of 15 degrees longitude. The area of Israel in the Middle East is less than two degrees of longitude from east to west! It is easy to apply one standard to the whole country. However, it is still possible to have a real problem in a land as small as Israel.

Yet it would be absurd to place a dateline right through the middle of a tiny country in terms of area like Israel. It would also be equally absurd to consider placing a dateline through the middle of a country like the U. There was never a need to spell out detailed instructions for people in other areas of the world.

Today there is a real need to have some central reference point for a calendar that can be used by people in all of the 24 different time zones. That would clearly be divisive and show a lack of concern for other brethren. One of the motivations for accepting the New Moon times in terms of a fixed location on earth is a concern for people in other parts of the world!

It is a desire to be in harmony with brethren in other areas. I am going to do what is right for me -- and to the heck with the rest of you! Without some central fixed reference point a calendar is doomed to produce confusion. The Jewish calendar is set annually by determining the full moon.