French Canal Routes to the Mediterranean

Suez Canal
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The survey was grossly in error, of course. French scientists tried to point out that sea level couldn't possibly differ that much at two points only eighty miles apart. But the damage was done; the moment had passed; only the idea wasn't dead. It re-emerged in both England and France after Napoleon was gone.

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Lesseps finally dug his Suez Canal so it wandered northward from the Red Sea, following two lakes, to a mid-point. Then he dug in a straight line to the Mediterranean. That southern leg of the Lesseps canal actually followed a vastly older canal. Napoleon had been a latecomer to the canal idea.

He meant his canal to swing west at the mid-point and link with the Nile near Cairo. They too thought a canal would result in disaster. So Darius didn't finish his canal. But the Ptolemies who followed Darius did finish it. It was fifty yards wide and it served ocean-going vessels. Cleopatra probably rode that canal in her royal barge, a few years before the birth of Christ. Here the plot thickens even further: For Darius had built on the route of an earlier canal, begun in BC.

French canals offer a scenic route to the Med for sailing yachts

And that canal followed the route of an even older canal that served shipping around BC. Temple carvings show the Queen of Egypt setting out for Africa on that canal. And, as Egyptian history blends into myth, or so years in the past, it tells of still other canals.

France has 2700 miles of inland waterways and a network of canals that link to the main rivers

But the Suez Canal we remember is the one built only years ago by Lesseps. The crowning irony is that the French honored Lesseps so highly for his work that they gave him the job of digging a Panama Canal.

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But that was another matter entirely. The Panama Canal had to penetrate jungles, cross mountains, and span great fields of mud.

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Twenty thousand workers died, and Lesseps returned to France in failure. This time he didn't have the old Egyptians to lead him.

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Feeder reservoir for the canal. Sign up now for our occasional email Newsletter about special offers, new cruises and things to do in this wonderful country. Some of the stunning tree-lined scenery on the French canals. Part of the sprawling suburbs of Toulouse and a short walk or cycle from the Canal, Castanet-Tolosan has a busy shopping centre where you will find everything you should need, including local produce and crafts. Rachel King said. The Brittany Canals - short cut around Ushant for very shallow draft boats. Like the Canal de Bourgogne for the Nivernias canal the scenery itself is the real highlight of the route and like the Canal de Bourgogne it is highly regarded by the French themselves.

In Panama, he undertook a problem that hadn't been solved, millennia before him, by some of finest engineers the world has known. I'm John Lienhard, at the University of Houston, where we're interested in the way inventive minds work. French Canal Routes to the Mediterranean.

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E asy Navigation. French Fluviacarte Canal Charts. There is an excellent web site created by a retired pilot which provides 'flip cards' and all the info you need to know before taking the CEVNI exam. For my sailing books and French canal guides please go to. The test includes; questions on safety, collision avoidance and for coastal waters; navigation and piloting.

In order to operate a sail boat or sailing yacht you will need to approach a Sail Cruising School. If you are intending to take a boat through the European Inland Waterways system, i.

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The pass mark is 11 and usually takes about 10 minutes. Alternatively if you have access to a British address you could use that for your RYA application They do ask to see the boat license fee disc at locks - you must get that at least. Recently the French authorities in some of the offices Particularly the Paris office have started to ask to see your Certificate of Competence for inland waterways or your CEVNI before issuing the the boats canal license -.

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