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Within this structure, we have a certain degree of independence. The extreme diversification of our activities however, in terms of production and sales, requires coordination at group general management level. Anne: Yes; there 's the painful problem of plant c10sures or the relocation of production; decisions which are generally made for reasons of profitability, without taking into account the individual situations of workers.

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Fortunately, that rarely happens here. Such situations are difficult to manage. NOTES suite 6 capital social : capital stock, shaie capitaL The amount of capital represented by the total value of outstanding shares actions en circulation at nominal value UK , par value US : nominal, valeur nominale or au pair.

Not to. See Chapter 16, Document 2. Oui, je termine avec M. Ancel et j ' arrive. Mon patron m'appelle. Veuillez m'excuser. Anne: You've found the right words. The phone rings Hello Yes, l'm just finishing with Mr Ancel and l'm coming. My boss is calling me. Please excuse me. We'll have the chance to meet again soon. Une EURL est ce que la loi appelle une personne morale et non pas physique.

The table below describes, in simplified form, the types of withholdings retenues from the employee's pay slip bulletin de salaire and the various charges to the employer in addition to the employee 's basic or gross salary salaire de base ou salaire brut. The accountants say that the corporate headquarters in Zurich make all the decisions, but it's a little more complicated than that. We always consult the boards of the subsidiaries, before choosing the strategic orientations which concern them. It's not always easy to reconcile the extreme diversification of our production with the need for coordination at group level.

Il ne fait pas de doute qu'il sera heureux de la revoir!

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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Geoff Nicholson est né en à Sheffield. Il est passé. Comment j'ai raté mes vacances (Pavillons poche) (French Edition) eBook: Geoff NICHOLSON, Bernard TURLE: Kindle Store.

Say whether they are true or false. When you think they are false, correct them. Merci d'avance! Dupond : NOR, mais celui-ci est devenu presque un ami. Dupond : Oh oui! NOTES 1 vendeur -se : salesman -woman , salesperson. This word, whether in French or in its English translation s , is of a generic nature. It covers a wide range of different jobs in selling: sales assistant, sales rep resentative , sales engineer, etc.

In otber words, tbe same word may be used to designate different jobs, while the same job may have different names. They are cuirently stuck in a traffic jam on the ring road.

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What do you do on the Saturday? Tvc found it! In English, the use of this relative pronoun depends on whether the preceding noun is animate who or inanimate which or that. Note that because of the Nonnan French influence, the English language has one word for the animal and another for its meat e. Do you have a light some fire please?

Mr Dupond: You can see why l was telling you just now that ifs a job in which you need a lot of patience! Mr Dupond: At the rate we're going, it's not certain. Thank goodness the company had a car phone fitted for me.

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He dials the number with his right hand Hello, this is Dupond with a 'd'! Thanks for doing that! Mr Dupond: No, but this one has become almast a friend. Mr Dupond: Oh yes! The superstore and the small grocer's shop represent two different worlds. Even if the second one counts for less in our sales, it deserves all our attention and our respect. The ring road of Paris, notorious for its traffic jams like London's M25, but much doser to the city centre.

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If you're on the b. Not a swearword in French, unlike its literaI English translation.

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Dupont with a "t" is far more cornrnon than the other version. Mr Dupond: You've already understood it aIl! To succeed, a salesman must communicate with al! Mr Dupond: You must never personalise refusaI, but consider it as a source of information which enables you to learn. You see, a good salesman always tries to upgrade his skills. Mr Dupond: We salesmen are line people, fighting on the front, as One might say, not staff people, like those bureaucrats, sitting behind their screens all day long, who think they know everything about our work.

Mr Dupond: No, we've managed to persuade the management to reduce red tape to a minimum.

The order forms have been rationalised and simplified. Every evening, the representatives in the field key them into their laptop computers and send them in immediately. In this way, the management is kept informed day by day of whether our sales for a given sector have risen, remained stable or fallen.

Opposite of commerce de gros, wholesaling, wholesale trade; grossiste, wholesaler. Military term, used to designate the two basic categories of manager in a hierarchy or organisation chart. Comment la calcule-t-on? My letter of acceptance referred to a performance bonus, independent of the basic salary. How is it calculated?

Mr Dupond: The management sets a half-yearly objective for aIl the representatives who make up our sales force. The bonus is graduated; ifs calculated on the basis of the amount in excess of the objective. You can be sure, ifs an effective incentive Here we go! The traffic's beginning to move again. We'Il be there in a few moments. Pour les biens industriels, la force de vente est en liaison directe avec les utilisateurs et les acheteurs.

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Pour les produits de grande consommation, elle travaille surtout au niveau de la distribution. Le vendeur ou la vendeuse est, en quelque sorte; l ' ambassadeur de la maison. Il touche un fixe et une prime qui varie selon le chiffre obtenu. On dit alors qu'il est "multicarte".

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Elle est moins favorable au travail en profondeur, pour une firme dont la. At I l pm on 18th October , France adopted a new telephone numbering system, the frrst change since , when French numbers went from six to eight digits.

This major operation went off without the slightest hitch, as did Great Britain's renumbering in April which will already need updating before The new system was made necessary by the ever-increasing volume of telecommunications traffic new services, faxes, mobile phones, etc. It was also a further step towards European harmonisation and international recommendations. Now, aIl numbers within France comprise ten digits, the first of which is a zero except for certain special services like the Minitel, or videotex.