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Nov 09, Tammy Zautner rated it liked it. Calling the Shots is the 4th book in part of a series; I have never read the other three and did not have any issues with reading this as a standalone. Also my first read by Christine d'Abo, I liked the book ok. The story centers around a sex club called Maverick and its sexy brooding owner Josh.

This right here was enough to catch my attention. Then let us throw in the fricken hot as hell cover with Josh and his two special friends. Beth, his sexy assistant manager, and Oliver, his hotter than Calling the Shots is the 4th book in part of a series; I have never read the other three and did not have any issues with reading this as a standalone. Beth, his sexy assistant manager, and Oliver, his hotter than hell tatted bar tender.

I was so wicked excited to start this, as it is right up my alley.

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A safe haven where people could explore their sexual desires. We got the threesome play in the right amount of quantity, but very little BDSM.

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Unfortunately, the story started slow, no actual action till almost the end of chapter 6 and I was not feeling the chemistry from the characters either. My system was all revved up and ready to go and then it just plummeted down to 20 mph. I guess after having read another series based out of a sex club I just needed more than what this story was able to give me.

My expectations were higher. The story was not bad, and I will admit that the threesome scenes were HOT! Not that took my system from 20 mph to 60 in just a few seconds. Once Christine gets started, she definitely knows how to give one hell of a finish. My only complaint during these scenes was you felt the chemistry between Oliver and Josh more than you did with the guys and Beth.

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Editorial Reviews. From the Author. Want to see how Josh got to this point? You can follow him Calling the Shots (Long Shots) - Kindle edition by Christine d' Abo. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Definition of call the shots in the Idioms Dictionary. call the shots phrase. What does call Sunday Telegraph Britain is no longer run from Downing Street.

She seemed more like an afterthought. I have never read a BDSM book with 2 tops and one bottom, especially a male and female top. So fricken erotic!! I liked the characters, but I did not connect with them outside the bedroom. I need that connection when I am reading to really appreciate a book. Even an erotic book. Beth and Oliver also had issues with past relationships and Oliver was learning his desires also laid in another direction. We had the typical fight these feeling and run before we admit to ourselves our real feelings.

I gave this book 3 stars and would recommend it based on the sexual scenes and chemistry alone. Hoping for a happily ever after for Josh? Best friends with Paul, Josh was invited to share the relationship with Beth and Paul. Before he could even taste it, Sadie kicked him to the curb with her prude attitude.

His focus is on Oliver and Beth. Remember Beth? She used to work for Sadie but was fired for having sex at work. A bit hypocritical of Sadie. In the past two years, she's been the manager for Jo Hoping for a happily ever after for Josh? In the past two years, she's been the manager for Josh's sex club, Mavericks. Oliver is a tasty new bartender at Mavericks. This is a love triangle from their perspective. Beth wants Josh. Josh wants Oliver. And Oliver wants Beth. Josh wants to help Beth and Oliver come together. What really happens is a hot smexy true triad. The strongest structure is a perfect triangle and these three together are perfect.

There are struggles for them to accept this new relationship. Each of them experienced a betrayal which makes this relationship move forward and backwards. For every step they make forward, they definitely take a few steps back. The only piece where they don't have any issues is their kinky sex scenes. Oliver is a sweet lovely submissive. He is the perfect balance for Beth and Josh. The different combinations of who is in the middle and sandwiched has me over the moon. For Beth and then Oliver to be the center of attention, I'm in flames of desire. This story could be bogged down with trauma drama from their pasts.

Fortunately, this is not the case. Instead, the secondary conflict comes through with a hate crime. The escalations from a simple spray painting to property violence quickly spirals into physical violence. This plot device is well done as it opens and lances old wounds for Josh, Beth and Oliver. The little twist can be guessed well before the ending yet it doesn't detract from the tale.

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The same field size can be achieved at varied camera-subject distances by using a lens with a compensating focal length, and at varied focal lengths by choosing a compensating camera-subject distance. Ingrid Scheffer leads a team of Australian neuroscientists studying rare cases like Luke's, cases where prolonged seizures happen soon after vaccination. I wasn't familiar with the previous three novellas, but had no problem enjoying it as a stand-alone story. Not men, but just this one enigmatic man. Oliver is still reeling from a betrayal by his soon-to-be ex-wife, who not only cheated on him and belittled him over his submissive preferences in bed, but also cleaned out their shared bank account before letting Oliver know that their marriage was over.

This story is recommended for kinky readers who enjoy a hot menage with a bit of suspense. Sep 25, Daisy Sloan rated it liked it Shelves: bdsm , erotic , romance , suspense , september-bdsm-challenge , for-review-not-lendable. I loved the characters. I really like Beth and found it fascinating as she discovered who she was sexually.

Oliver was equally intriguing in discovering he was gay for Josh. I loved watching them learn each other and find their way with each other. They were willing to fight to keep each other and when one would push away, the other two would push right back to make them see how stupid they were being. The suspense in the book was awesome.

It added a little bit of extra tension to the story without taking away from the romance. It was a subplot and nicely done. My only real problem with this book was Josh. I like them with a few flaws. I just felt like he was another switch, like Beth. The first sex scene between all three of them was really hot.

The rest were not as hot to me. Overall, this was an enjoyable book and I plan to read the rest of the books in this series as well as other book by Ms. May 22, Arlena rated it really liked it. This story has lots of twist and turns that kept you reading to see what was coming next in this story.

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Now, I want you to know that this is a menage relationship, so if this isn't your kind of genre You know what to do. This was definitely a story of three people who were learning to embrace just who they were and trying to fight off the demons of their past and in the end finding love.

It was quite a read seeing these three laughing, flirting and teasing each other. The characters were all well developed and omg the erotic love scenes were Be ready for a lots of drama along with this good read.

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If you are looking for a good steamy book with a menage trios relationship, "Calling The Shots" would be recommended to you. Oct 02, Darcy rated it really liked it Shelves: e-book , , menage , m-m , erotica , bdsm. I thought we were done with this series, all the siblings ended up with their HEA, but when I saw this book I was excited as I like the characters. I was happy that this time Josh had the potential to find his HEA. I couldn't believe how messed up Josh, Beth, and Oliver are. The funny thing is that each of them has a different issue.

In some ways it is funny to see each of them face their issue in a big blow up and needs the others to talk them down. I really liked how before sex was brought into I thought we were done with this series, all the siblings ended up with their HEA, but when I saw this book I was excited as I like the characters.

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I really liked how before sex was brought into the picture all 3 of them had a solid base of friendship, I think that is what helped them work through their issues and take a chance to be happy when all their instincts are telling them to run. The ending was a good one for the three of them. They all are going into things with their eyes wide open, knowing there are bound to be issues, the least of which will be facing public scrutiny.

I think with the new place they will find happiness. Jul 28, karinova rated it liked it Shelves: msub , fdom-minus , editor-desperately-needed , menage , disappointing , so-close.

This starts out surprisingly well, only to decline dramatically. Or even fully clear, tbh. Josh is bi and dommy, and despite his outward confidence, has major baggage from his psycho fundamentalist moth Dang. I guess the point is that they all have Trust Issues. His issues are finally all laid out in a big expositional dump near the end— not very elegant.

The sex gets progressively more boring; these scenes feel a little rushed and end rather abruptly.