American Historical and Literary Antiquities, Part 12. Second Series

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Ideas of Race in Early America

In the latter half of the 20th century, interest began also to focus on writings in English or English dialect by recent settlers in Britain, such as Afro-Caribbeans and people from Africa proper, the Indian subcontinent, and East Asia. Even within England , culturally and historically the dominant partner in the union of territories comprising Britain, literature has been as enriched by strongly provincial writers as by metropolitan ones.

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Another contrast more fruitful than not for English letters has been that between social milieus , however much observers of Britain in their own writings may have deplored the survival of class distinctions. As far back as medieval times, a courtly tradition in literature cross-fertilized with an earthier demotic one.

This awareness of differences between high life and low, a state of affairs fertile in creative tensions, is observable throughout the history of English literature.

  • Dollars and Common Sense.
  • Numéros en texte intégral.
  • Löcher: Die Geheimnisse von Green Lake (Gulliver 1098) (German Edition);

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Load Next Page. More About. During the first round of applications, the SCS funded 13 projects, ranging from performances and a cinema series to educational programs and inter-institutional collaborations. A pivotal part of cultivating an attachment to classical texts is reading and talking about how they relate to our everyday lives.

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Angel Parham , a Sociology professor at Loyola University specializing in issues of race, founded and directs the Nyansa Classical Community , an after-school and Saturday program aimed primarily to African-American students of low-income and disadvantaged families in New Orleans. According to Parham, a program that introduces students to the liberal arts and cultivates their imagination from an early age is especially needed in New Orleans, a city where adult reading proficiency is far below the national average.

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She found ancient Greek myths particularly appealing to young kids and important as a means to discuss big ideas with them. This year the program is focusing on myths about the Greek gods. As part of her senior capstone project, she is creating her own black interpretations of the Greek gods and goddesses, which in turn are serving as inspiration for Nyansa students to write original poetry. A short video with Nyansa students shows teachers encouraging students to come up with similes to use in their poems—in this case, about Zeus.

Another funded project highlighting the scholarly and artistic contributions of African-Americans to our field is a symposium that took place on February 16 in Washington, D.

Blog: Classics Everywhere: Celebrating African-American Classicists

Kirby, Jr. Center for Constitutional Studies and Citizenship and was organized by David Withun , a former Classics high-school teacher and current instructor of English at Savannah Technical College. The symposium brought together Classics scholars and teachers, high school and college students, and people involved in education from D. Snowden, Jr. Caroline Stark, assistant professor of Classics at Howard University, has been awarded funds for K programs and in-person visits to encourage students to follow the examples of artists and scholars of African descent who have used Classics in their scholarly and creative works.

With this booklet in hand as a teaching aid, instructors will hopefully be more eager to discuss the presence of Black Classicists in their classrooms. Lauren Rogers, Dean of Students at Salem Academy , has organized this screening along with a post-show discussion as part of a film series inspired by ancient myths.

A Long and Difficult Journey, or The Odyssey: Crash Course Literature 201

More information on this project will be forthcoming in a subsequent post, but we hope that underscoring the import of black history to and within the field of Classics will not end on February As these projects demonstrate, Black History Month may inspire a special focus, but is in reality of year-round significance. Proposals for the second and third round of Classics Everywhere funding are due March 1 and May 15 respectively and can be submitted here. Nina Papathanasopoulou works as the Public Engagement Coordinator for the Society for Classical Studies, overseeing the Classics Everywhere Initiative and finding opportunities to bring together scholars and students of Classics with the broader community.

She specializes in Greek drama and mythology and has been teaching classics and theater courses at Connecticut College since

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Claudius Caecus — BC and with the exceptions of Cato the Elder and Cicero includes all individuals for whom speech-making is attested and for whose speeches quotations, testimonia, or historiographic recreations survive. Erasmus scholarships allow you to take exams abroad in all the sectors covered by the Department classic, modern, philological, language studies. Not limited to the forms of ancient auto biography, in this topic Bakhtin addresses the formation of biography - which in its genesis is indistinguishable from autobiography - until the eighteenth century, when what he calls the "family-biographical novel" emerges. On Moral Virtue. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press,